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A Brief and Simple History of CBD

Most people have stress when it comes to history. If you are one of these people, you know why you did not like history. The main reason was that it was the past, and you are one individual that lives in the present who strives for the future. 

You might have sat in class regularly and wondered why you should pay attention to history when it was all about people taking actions quite a long time ago.

Indeed, you might have loathed your prior classes on the subject and might have spent your time doodling different drawings that revolved around peace, cannabis, and other similar plants that drew your attention.

Around that time, you might have also been thinking about CBD and where it came from as well. Yes, CBD, or marijuana, was a subject that you could get behind and learn all about as you had more familiarity with the herbal item.

Now, you are more involved in different aspects and focus on specific segments in life as an adult. You are able to learn about what you desire, and you spend quite a bit of time researching and learning about aspects related to better health and mood elevation. Indeed, you realize that CBD and derivatives like CBD shatter can promise a lot of benefits, from anxiety relief to depression minimization.

But where did this substance come from? What is the history behind this beneficial substance, and what else should you know about this prominent herbal derivative?

Here is a simple and brief history of CBD and why it matters to you.

Simple Facts about CBD or Cannabidiol

CBD or Cannabidiol is a simple compound one can find within the hemp portion of the cannabis plant. Individuals are turning to this compound because it does not have psychoactive properties and will not give a high sensation. 

It is also one product that you can place into many different products, from lotion to your other foods. The compound can help anxiety alleviation and pain mitigation, and it can even help you sleep while fostering a healthy or regulated appetite.

Now that you know more about this compound and how it can help to improve your life, you can start to learn more about its overall history and where it comes from with full confidence.

CBD Has Roots that Goes Back Many Centuries 

When individuals think about cannabis, they think of reggae music and hear different bands, the sixties, hippies, and classic American movies around cannabis culture. A few may know that the use of cannabis and hemp date back further than the 20th century. But many may not realize that it went all the way back to the 4000 BCE.

Yes, you probably were not expecting to go back that far in history but remember many, if not all, societies went from hunting and gathering to becoming agrarian cultures.

But CBD, or rather, the plant it comes from, hemp, and cannabis were reliable and useful plants for several different reasons in cultures that were in existence a long time ago.

Did you know that different segments of society quite a while ago would rely on these plants to serve as the source for paper production, rope production, and even for apparel? Did you know that these plants that provide the CBD substance can also be useful in construction and other aspects of life like in medicine?

Yes, hemp a segment of the cannabis variety has many uses even to this very day in all parts of the world.

Cannabis from The Sixteenth Century Onward

Individuals were able to record medical research on the cannabis plant before 1600. Doctors in that era sought to learn about how this plant could provide massive value to the current society at that time.

Did you know that an even more recent sighting of CBD in history shows it to where it ends up in the hands of Queen Victoria? What did her royal highness use it for? Sources say that she had to use it for menstrual cramps in the 1800s, but we may be getting ahead of ourselves here.

Now that we were talking about England in the 19th century remember that hemp was prominent in Britain at that time. It was a great crop that could provide immense value. That is why it is no wonder that those who would leave Britain in search of greater riches and promise in America would bring hemp with them to this new land.

These explorers and adventurers would have to use the hemp plant for its medicinal properties and then have it as a core source for other components of their lives.

What is even more intriguing is that these colonists sailed to the future United States of America on water vessels that used the hemp plant for properly tying down different materials.

Fast forward a few years, and those who lived in America did not like kicking back taxes to their ancestors’ native land of England. They did not like that they had to pay taxes but not receive any benefits in return. So what did these individuals do? They did what any sane people would have done in that situation, and they fought back.

Yes, they would win the war, obtain independence, and then they would turn to their beloved hemp plant to have the initial draft of the United States Constitution. People within the United States would even place the plant on $10 bills and then remove it after the 1900s.

The Modern Era Has CBD Shatter and More

Did you know that Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, an Israeli organic chemist, is one individual that would be one of the first to differentiate the CBD substance and note its overall characteristics from a chemical standpoint. 

He would help to pave the way for the growth of CBD in more ways than one.

This would let him establish the peace, tranquility, and simplicity of CBD in contrast to the more psychoactive marijuana substance.

A Regular Rate of Growth in the CBD Movement

It is in the present day where more individuals are able to appreciate and experience the wonderful benefits of the hemp plant, CBD, and other components.

Due to the work of many advocates across the board, the United States government has been slowly repealing laws established earlier that would prevent the consumption of cannabis and similar substances.

The legal war started in the early 19th century and it is slowly turning in the favor of the public. It is a great time to be alive if you are hemp and cannabis enthusiast.

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