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Your Handy Guide on Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

Most people, including you and me, already know that drinking water is necessary for a healthy life and our survival. A reasonable hydration goal is drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water daily. Some people may even drink more if they lead an active lifestyle. It is, therefore, necessary to have a water bottle during workouts and when traveling.

Water bottles are portable enough and can easily be stashed inside backpacks and most bags. Cleaning your water bottle might be a challenge particularly due to its shape which makes it impossible to clean by hand.

Cleaning your water bottle will no longer be a hassle thanks to the UV lights technology which has finally been incorporated in the design of water bottles. The self-cleaning water bottle is a modern innovation that you need to experience to believe.

How a Self-Cleaning Water Bottle Works

So, how does a self-cleaning water bottle work? This is a question that can baffle most people. The bottle is a modern innovation that uses UV light technology to clean and sterilize the inside part of the bottle. The UV light technology can also destroy traces of bacteria, protozoa, and harmful germs in your water.

UV light is one of the modern ways of eliminating harmful bacteria and germs without needing to use soap or sanitizing chemicals. The self-cleaning water bottle still has the same features as ordinary water bottles and the only difference is the UV light feature for cleaning and sterilization which makes it stand apart from the rest.

Benefits of Having a Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

We all know the challenge that comes with cleaning a regular water bottle by hand. What about the issue of drinking contaminated water? You don’t have to worry about these issues with self-cleaning water bottles like those made by Larq.

UV light cleaning is a convenience that all people can appreciate as there is no need to clean the item using hand. Another benefit is that UV light also destroys harmful bacteria and germs in your drinking water. This means you don’t have to worry about drinking contaminated water that can cause serious illness.

Another benefit is that your water container has a minimalist design and comes with long-lasting USB-rechargeable batteries for efficiency.

Key Features to Consider when Choosing a Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

The first key feature you should consider is the maximum water capacity the bottle can hold. It is essential to consider the bottle’s capacity depending on the amount of water you drink every day or during your workouts.

You should also consider the bottle’s shape and size and determine if it will fit in your day to day bag or backpack. It is best to choose minimalist designed bottles like those made by Larq that are easily stackable in almost any bag size. 

Check and confirm the features of the self-cleaning bottle. It is important to check if it can sterilize bacteria and other microorganisms. Also, confirm if the cleaning and sterilization function is automatic or manually initiated.

It is also important to consider the battery life of your bottle, charging port type, and the time taken to recharge the batteries. You will never have to worry about drinking contaminated water from a stinky dirty bottle again with a self-cleaning water bottle.


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