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What are the Gold Standard Books for MBBS?

Are you worried about your studies? You want to know about what are the gold standard books for MBBS.

Getting admission to medical colleges is the dream of every student. Once they get admission to medical college, they think they have achieved everything. But, the real game starts from here. Medicine is such a profession that wants the efforts of your day and night. Moreover, there is a bundle of books recommended for medical students for the tenure of MBBS. Students spend most of their time discussing what are the gold standard books for MBBS.

There are a lot of books for MBBS. But, there is no need to buy them all. You only need to select the best suitable book for the specific subject. And if these selections are of gold standard book, you get the best knowledge. The criterion for selecting the best book is the book clearing your concepts and syllabus at the same time. You can read all this book and also get these MBBS books pdf.

What are the main subjects for MBBS?

There are different subjects for every professional year. There are good standard books for MBBS for every subject you read during this duration. Let us have a look at the main subjects for every year of MBBS.

First professional year:

  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Biochemistry

Second professional year:

  • General pathology
  • Microbiology
  • Pharmacology
  • Forensic medicine

Third professional year:

  • Preventive and social medicine
  • Ophthalmology
  • Ear, nose, and throat

Final professional year:

  • General medicine
  • General surgery
  • Pediatrics
  • Obstetrics and gynecology

Gold standard books for MBBS(1st year)

There are three main subjects for the 1st year mbbs students. There are several books for every subject. We’ll review the main gold standard books for 1st year MBBS books to know better.

Gold standard books for anatomy:

BD Chaurasia’s human anatomy

This book is available in four different volumes to illustrate the complete human anatomy. It contains different tables, diagrams, flow charts, and summary guides to help the students in every possible way. In addition, it also contains multiple-choice questions at the end of every chapter for the students to clear concepts.

Student edition of Gray’s anatomy

This is one of the most famous gold standard books for MBBS. This anatomy textbook offers innovative explanation ideas to inspire the students. In addition, it provides clarity and a vivid conceptual approach to the students. Moreover, it also contains schematic drawings and illustrations to help the students.

Snell’s clinical anatomy

This anatomy textbook is also available in different volumes focusing on specific regions. It illustrates the clinical importance of various anatomical structures and regions to help the physician and students learn. In addition, it also contains anatomy terms with diagnostic brief notes for every diagrammatic illustration.

Langman’s medical embryology

If you are up for embryology, this is the most famous gold standard books for MBBS in this subject. The revised edition of this textbook offers detailed illustrations of embryology. In addition, it also provides better understanding through the help of colored diagrams, tables, and flow charts. Moreover, it also explains the clinical aspects of embryology to learn its clinical importance.

Netter Atlas of human anatomy

If you are searching for an atlas as the gold standard books for MBBS, Netter’s atlas is the one. You can not understand anatomy only through bookish knowledge. There is a need to investigate every part of the structure. This book provides a pictorial representation of every structure with proper marking. It is very much helpful for the newer medical students to learn the basics of anatomy without getting fed up.

There are also several other gold standard books for anatomy. You can follow any of these books to clear your concepts regarding anatomy. The other books are as follows:

  • Vishram Singh textbook of  anatomy
  • Inderbir Singh’s neuroanatomy
  • Grant’s Atlas of Anatomy

Gold standard books for physiology

Guyton and Hall textbook of Medical physiology

Guyton and Hall is another famous gold standard books for MBBS. This book is highly popular among students because of its clear writing and representation style. In addition, this book is informative regarding the concepts and clinical aspects related to physiology.

Ganong’s review of medical physiology

This book is quite up-to-date and provides clinical details related to human physiology. Moreover, it contains several colorful illustrations to attract the students. In addition, it is also helpful for postgraduate-level students.

There are also several other books that are used as reference books for physiology. Some of them are the following:

  • BRS physiology
  • A K Jain physiology

Gold standard books for Biochemistry

Harper’s illustrated book

This book is available in full colored representation with an easy writing style. In addition, this book provides clear detail about the principles and concepts of biochemistry.

Lippincott illustrated edition

One of the most famous gold standard books for MBBS in biochemistry is Lippincott. This book is also well known among the students to learn the concepts of biochemistry. It also contains different colored pictures with flow charts to properly explain the concepts of biochemistry.

There are also multiple other books used to learn the concepts of biochemistry. You can go for anyone according to your choice. Some of these books are as follows:

  • Vasudevan Biochemistry
  • Chatterjee textbook of Medical Biochemistry
  • Satyanarayana Biochemistry

Gold standard books for MBBS(2nd year)

In 2nd year of MBBS, there are four main subjects to understand their clinical importance. Let us see the gold standard books for MBBS second year. In addition, different students from different universities follow different books to learn and clear their concepts. These main subjects have different reference books to study.

Gold standard books for pathology

Robbins Basic pathology

This book offers clear, readable, and properly explained data related to human pathology. It also provides a concise but illustrative review of human pathologies for the students

Moreover, several short books are available for general pathology to learn. These are as follows:

  • Harsh Mohan’s textbook of pathology
  • Geetika Khanna’s concise pathology

Gold standard books for microbiology

Review of Medical Microbiology and Immunology

This book offers a concise review related to microbiology and immunology. In addition, it covers every clinical aspect Of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. Moreover, it also provides summaries for easy revision of the detailed content.

Prescott’s Microbiology:

This book provides a balanced but concise introduction to every aspect of microbiology. This also makes it one of the famous gold standard books for MBBS. It covers the possible details of microbiology to make it a better book for undergraduate students.

In addition, there are also several students who follow short books. But, these books do not reference books. Moreover, these books are helpful for quick review. Some of the short books are as follows:

  • BRS Microbiology
  • Essentials of Medical Microbiology by Apurba Sastry

Gold standard books for pharmacology

Katzung and Trevor’s pharmacology

This book provides a detailed explanation of the drugs and their mechanism of action. In addition, it also contains pictures and graphs for clear illustrations of the basic principles of pharmacology.

Lippincott illustrated Pharmacology:

This is one of the best gold standard books for MBBS for the medical students to learn the concepts of pharmacology. Moreover, its pictorial illustration also helps to understand the difficult concepts of pharmacology.

Gold standard books for Forensic medicine

Essentials of Forensic medicine and toxicology by Narayan Reddy

This book is one of the most followed books to understand the basics of forensic medicine. Moreover, this book is in high demand because of its clear writing style.

There are also some short books available to study Forensic medicine at a glance. These books are helpful for easy learning and understanding. Some of these books are as follows:

  • Modern medical toxicology by VV Pillay
  • Outline of Forensic medicine and toxicology by T Rama Rao

Gold standard books for 3rd year MBBS

In 3rd year of MBBS, there are three main subjects to understand. Like the other ones, there are multiple books available for every subject. Select the best one according to your taste and read it by heart.

Gold standard books for Preventive and social medicine

Park’s textbook of preventive and social medicine

This book is commonly used among medical students to understand the basic principles of preventive medicine. In addition, this book focuses on epidemiology and screening for diseases. Moreover, this book is easy to understand and learn.

There are also some short books available to do quick learning. These books are for the purpose of revision.

  • Vivek Jain preventive and social medicine
  • Community medicine simplified by Sreejith

Gold standard books for Ophthalmology

Parson’s diseases of the eye

This book is best for both undergraduate and postgraduate level students. It clears the pathologies and treatment of the eye in a very detailed manner. In addition, it also contains several pictures to understand the clinical picture of the eye.

There are also some short books available that are helpful in revision. These are as follows:

  • ComprehensiveComprehensive Ophthalmology by Khurana

Gold standard books for ENT

Diseases of ear, nose, and throat by Dhingra

The readers widely accept this book due to its clear and explanatory writing style. It covers almost all the important diseases of the ear, nose, and throat.

There is also a book available that clarified the clinical importance of the ear, nose, and throat.

  • Clinical ENT made easy by Balkrishna

Gold standard books for 4th year MBBS:

In the last professional year, there are four major subjects to learn and get clinical skills. Moreover, there are several reference books for these main subjects. You only need to select the best one that suits your taste.

Gold standard books for general medicine

Davidson Principles and Practice of Medicine

This book is standard among the students, professionals, and residents to clear the principles of medicine. Students consider it the best gold standard book for MBBS in general medicine. It maintains its standard by keeping pace with modern medicine to make this book up-to-date. Moreover, this book is extremely helpful for the students to understand clinical medicine and its importance.

This book is divided into three sections to completely illustrate the fundamental, emergency care, and major medical specialties. Moreover, it also contains pictorial illustrations with clinical points and summarized tables to learn.

Harrison’s principles of internal medicine

This book is also a reference book for medicine to understand the detailed concepts of clinical medicine. It covers the new advancements, science, and clinical care. In addition, it also covers the cardinal manifestation and presentation of disease to explore the core of clinical medicine. Moreover, this book also explains the common clinical presentation of the patients.

Gold standard books for general surgery

Bailey and love

This textbook is world-famous gold standard books for MBBS among the students because it covers the syllabus for surgery. In addition, it covers the scientific origin of Surgical practice with diagnosis and investigation. Moreover, it provides a detailed examination of the surgical procedure necessary to save lives. It also contains pictures, and summary boxes with learning objectives for the clarity of concepts. In a nutshell, this book is one of the best-recommended books for surgery.

There are also some easy-to-learn books available to revise general surgery. Don’t use them as a reference book but only to get quick key points. These books are as follows:

  • Manipal manual of surgery
  • General surgery by Abdul Wahab Dogar

Gold standard books for Pediatrics

OP Ghai Essential of pediatrics textbook:

This book is the most recommended and widely used gold standard books for MBBS among the final year MBBS students. It provides a detailed examination with pictures to clearly illustrate its clinical importance. In addition, it also covers the various diseases common among pediatric patients and their management.

Nelson’s textbook of pediatrics

This book is available in two volumes to clearly explain the advancement in the clinical practice of pediatrics. In addition, it also explains the latest diagnostic and treatment strategies to maintain the standard of this book. Moreover, this book is also common among the students, pediatricians, and residents to learn the concepts of pediatrics.

Gold standard books for Obstetrics and gynecology

Dutta’s textbook of obstetrics

The newer edition of this book provides the latest updates in the field of gynecology. In addition, it also covers the anatomy and the developments in the female reproductive structures. Moreover, this book also provides the diagnosis and treatment of gynecological disorders for the ease of students. It is thus the best gold standard books for MBBS in obs and gynae.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is it necessary to read all the reference books?

No, there is no need to read all the reference books. You need to select the one that is quite readable with proper key points. It will help you to prepare the best for your exams.

Can we read short books only?

No, try to read short books with some reference books to clear your concepts. Short books are helpful only for quick revision and key points. Don’t consider it the only source of study material.

How effective are gold standard books for MBBS?

Gold standard books for MBBS not only provides you with best knowledge but also makes it easy for you to crack various PG entrance exams like NEET-PG

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