Essential of Medical Microbiology by Surinder Kumar

In this post, we have shared an overview and download link of Essentials of medical microbiology PDF by Surinder Kumar under the section of mbbs books pdf. Read the overview and download it using the links given at the end of the post.

Overview of the Book of ‘Essential of Medical Microbiology’ by Surinder Kumar

If you are a medical student then you should know that you will need the Essentials of medical microbiology PDF in the third year of MBBS. Since the book is recommended by most of the teachers and professional doctors, we bring you the pdf of Essentials of medical microbiology.

Most of the medical students fail to maintain proper focus while studying microbiology. But to get good overall knowledge, it is important to learn microbiology with full interest. This book is specially designed to make the study of microbiology interesting.

Sections and table of contents

The Essentials of medical microbiology consists of the following sections:

  • General bacteriology
  • Immunology
  • Virology
  • Medical mycology
  • System bacteriology
  • Diagnostic medical microbiology
  • Miscellaneous

The section of general bacteriology includes the following contents:

  • Historical development of microbiology
  • Morphology of bacteria
  • Physiology of bacteria
  • Microscopy
  • Sterilization and disinfection
  • Culture media
  • Identification of bacteria
  • Culture methods
  • Bacterial genetics
  • Bacterial taxonomy
  • Infection

Features of Essentials of medical microbiology PDF

  • Both medical students, as well as healthcare practitioners, can be benefited from this book while learning microbiology. Additionally, this book is also very helpful for the students who are preparing for PG entrance exams.
  • Considering effective learning, the facts and concepts are represented in tabulations and bullets
  • For all the microorganisms, lab diagnosis, as well as treatment, are included in separate boxes
  • There are almost 600 HD colorful images. This helps the students to develop a clear concept of microbiology
  • There are MCQs and other important questions based on clinical cases. This helps you to test your knowledge
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