DC Dutta’s Textbook of Gynecology

In this post, we will provide you with a complete overview of DC Dutta’s Textbook of Gynecology and its download link! Make sure to go through everything to understand what book you are downloading.

A Brief Overview of DC Dutta’s Textbook of Gynecology

This is the world’s most recommended novel. DC DUTTA (MBBS, DGO, MO (CAL), and Hiralal Konar are the authors of this book. The book’s language is very plain and easy to understand. This is the perfect book for a review of concepts.

In a very basic and simple formulation, the function, physiology, and disease of the female reproductive system are defined. The book contains all the important gynecological information.

Key Features of DC Dutta’s Textbook of Gynecology 8th Edition

Here they are:

  • The book is written in plain language and can be read and understood easily.
  • Graphs, images, flowcharts illustrate problems and make them understandable
  • Security of basic principles and practice of gynecology has received due consideration.
  • The book is written for surgeons, physicians, and nursing students, and medical practitioners.
  • Six book editions are available.
  • An objective standardized clinical review questionnaire is to enhance the self-assessment
  • Students’ nursing skills.
  • Over 470 figures have been incorporated, including photos, drawings, and sketches.

All these features shape up this book up to what it is and it is the reason why many colleges throughout India have decided to add it into their variety of book on the topic of gynecology.

Table of contents

This book has a total of 37 unique chapters explaining every topic in strict detail. Here is the table of contents for DC Dutta’s Textbook of Gynecology pdf:

  1. Pelvic female organ anatomy.
  2. Blood vessels, lymph drainage, and pelvic organ innervation.
  3. Female genitalia and gonads are created.
  4. Female genital organ congenital malformation.
  5. Regular and abnormal puberty.
  6. Menopause.
  7. Reproductive neuroendocrinology.
  8. Post.
  9. History, Review. The gynecological patient’s screening test.
  10. Infection of pelvic substances.
  11. Infection of sexual transmission.
  12. Pelvic organ infection.
  13. Menstrual cycle dysmenorrhea and other diseases.
  14. Miscarriage of the uterus.
  15. Uterine displacement,
  16. Unfruitfulness.
  17. Vulva and vagina benign lesions.
  18. Benign cervical lesions.
  19. Uterine benign lesions.
  20. Ovary’s benign lesions.
  21. Adenomyosis and endometriosis.
  22. Injurious injuries premeditated.
  23. Malignant genitalia.
  24. Urinary gynecological issues.
  25. Fistulae genitals.
  26. Injuries to the genital tract.
  27. Intersexual intersex.
  28. Amenorrhea.
  29. Birth control.
  30. Gynecological radiation, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and gene therapy.
  31. Gynecological hormones.
  32. Birth and puberty gynecological issues.
  33. Themes.
  34. Gynecology of Operations.
  35. Gynecology Endoscopic Procedure.
  36. Present Gynecological Themes
  37. Practical gynecology

We hope you found this review of DC Dutta’s Textbook of Gynecology useful. And if you have not read the overview, then do read it so you can understand what this book has to offer.

We also wish every medical student with the passion of studying gynecology, the best of luck in all of his/her future examinations/ studies. This book is truly very well thought and written and we at WOMS would recommend you download this to gain even more clarity over this topic.

Now without any further delay, here is the free download link DC Dutta’s Textbook of Gynecology 8th edition:

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