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Gynaecology and obstetrics is one of the important clinical subject which is used to taught the medical student to provide holistic care to the women for their reproductive health. It can be either during pregrnancy, before pregnancy, or after pregnancy. The following post share the overview and the download link Dc Dutta obstetrics PDF

The download link of the DC Dutta obstetrics PDf is given at the end of the post. It is one the common obstetrics book which is widely used for the medical undergraduate.

About the DC Dutta obstetrics PDf

DC Dutta’s textbook of Obstetrics PDF is one of the prominent contributions to the medical field. This book covers all the major and even minor details necessary for any medical student to excel in his career. The book has been revised by health care or medical experts to make sure incorporation of new techniques and researched medical issues in the book.

The 8th edition of DC Dutta obstetrics PDf has been upgraded to provide all the essential details going these days in the medical field. It has come out to meet international standards so that it can be used worldwide. The book has been revised by experts to combat earlier deficiencies and to improve its standards.

Purpose of the DC Dutta obstetrics PDf

The book has been dedicated to “past and present students of Obstetrics” for the purpose to strive for better health of women, mothers, and newborns. Another purpose of this book is to provide in-depth knowledge, concise and easy to read format, and prove to be an immense educational source to the readers to qualify for medical exams nationally and internationally.

About the Author

The author of DC Dutta obstetrics PDf is DC dutta. he is professor and head of department of obstetrics and gynaecology from Nilratan sircar medical college and hospital, kolkata, India.

DC Dutta textbook of obstetrics 8th edition has been edited by Hiralal Konar, a gold medalist doctor. He has done advanced studies in Gynecology and Obstetrics from UK and USA. He has been a Professor at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, a Chairman in Indian college of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, One-time Professor and Head, Dept., Obst. & Gyne, and PhD of different Indian universities and National Board of Examination, New Delhi, India, Calcutta National Medical College and CR Hospital, Kolkata, India.

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Predominant features of DC Dutta textbook of obstetrics PDF

There are certain eminent changes in this edition which distinguished it from other books and can attract any medical student predominantly and these changes are:

  • Thorough revision and re-organization of all 42 chapters
  • The practical portion (chapter 42) contains high quality images, sonograms, images of instruments, drugs, specimens and MR images, which are important for the practical point of view in exams
  • Total information of chapter 42 renders to a mini textbook-cum-color atlas in obstetrics
  • Chief and comprehensive data provided to save time and energy
  • Fully colored format along with illustrations to avoid monochromatic views and to understand each part of illustrations easily.
  • Extensive illustrations and flow/schematic diagrams are there to understand the complex processes easily
  • Modern technologies like sonograms, Doppler studies, MR images, microphotographs, data graphs, and laparoscopic images has been used. All the images are in vibrant shades to enhance the quality
  • Contemporary guidelines from various professionals and organizations like RCOG, ACOG, WHO, FIGO, NICHD, CDC, NICE, ECOG and DIPSI are provided
  • Fully expanded index and contents to let students read and get text reference easily 
  • List of abbreviations and updated website sources have been provided for a confirmation
  • Presentation is what makes it different from others, presentation is simple, meaningful, and easy to understand
  • Table of contents, algorithms, and key points are a helping hand when students are in rush or having lack of time
  • The aim of this book to emphasize simplicities of knowledge rather than focusing on complexities
  • This book is not only helpful for a medical degree undergraduate but it covers all the details that can be helpful for nurses(midwives), those who are interested in doing diploma and postgraduate degree in obstetrics.

Contents of book:

Chapters of the book cover all the major to minor details from general anatomy and physiology to a complicated pregnancy and delivery process. The names of the chapters are as follows:

  1. Anatomy of female reproductive organ
  2. Fundamentals of reproduction
  3. The placenta and fetal membrane
  4. The fetus
  5. Physiological changes during pregnancy
  6. Endocrinology in relation to reproduction
  7. Diagnosis of pregnancy
  8. The fetus-in-utero
  9. Fetal skull and maternal pelvis
  10. Antenatal care, preconceptional counselling and care
  11. Antenatal assessment of fetal well being
  12. Prenatal genetic counselling, screening and diagnosis
  13. Normal labor
  14. Normal puerperium
  15. Vomiting in pregnancy
  16. Hemorrhage in early pregnancy
  17. Multiple pregnancies, amniotic fluid disorders, abnormalities of placenta and cord
  18. Hypertensive disorders in pregnancy
  19. Antepartum hemorrhage
  20. Medical and surgical illness complicating pregnancy
  21. Gynecological disorders in pregnancy
  22. Preterm labor, preterm rupture of membrane, post maturity, intrauterine fetal death
  23. Complicated pregnancy
  24. Contracted pelvis
  25. Abnormal uterine action
  26. Complicated labor- Malposition, Malpresentation and prolapse
  27. Prolonged labor, obstructed labor, Dystocia caused by fetal anomalies
  28. Complications of third stage of labor
  29. Injuries to the birth canal
  30. Abnormalities to the puerperium 
  31. The Term new born infant
  32. Low birth weight baby
  33. Disease of the fetus and the new born
  34. Pharmacotherapeutics in obstetrics
  35. Induction of labor
  36. Population dynamics and control of conception
  37. Operative obstetrics
  38. Safe motherhood, Epidemiology of obstetrics
  39. Special topics in obstetrics
  40. Current topics in obstetrics
  41. Imaging in obstetrics (USG, MRI, CT, Radiology) Amniocentesis and guides to clinical tests
  42. Practical obstetrics

Constituents of contents

As the names of the chapters point towards the content it holds but combining all the content of  this book in one paragraph it can be said that the book explains the anatomy and physiology of reproductive organs, placenta and fetal development and functions, physical and physiological changes and diagnosis during pregnancy, counseling and care of a mother, methods of obstetrics examination, clinical evaluation of fetal well-being, normal labor, lactation process, complications during pregnancy like hypertension, hemorrhage, uterine and pelvic abnormalities, complicated labor injuries to the birth canal, multiple pregnancies and physiological changes, different ailments accompanying and affecting pregnancy, newborn infant, low birth weight baby, drug therapies, special obstetrics topics and practical evaluation of obstetrics.

Book NameDC Dutta’s Textbook of Obstetrics
AuthorDC Dutta (MBBS, DGO, MO)
File Size97.17 MB
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