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A Guide to Buying Psilocybin Mushrooms Spores

 If you are a mushroom grower or mycologist, I presume you understand the importance of mushroom spores. These are microscopic, and you’ll get them in different syringe sizes. You can use the standard mushroom spores or choose their liquid cultured counterparts. But understanding the legality of the spores is critical. This is because spores are illegal in some countries, particularly those containing psilocybin. 

What are psilocybin Mushrooms?

Psilocybin mushrooms are commonly referred to as magic mushrooms, mushrooms, or shrooms. They are a polyphyletic and informal collection of fungi that contains psilocybin. These mushrooms have for long been used in many indigenous cultures for recreational and medicinal purposes. They come in different strains and potencies, and you can learn more about them from Fungus Head.

There are different types of magic mushrooms, some are illegal in most countries, and it’s wise to understand the laws regarding mushroom spores before buying them. However, the spores are usually legal since they don’t contain the dominant component, psilocybin.

The common Psilocybe mushroom strains include;

  • Psilocybe cubensis
  • Psilocybe semilanceata
  • Psilocybe azurescens
  • Psilocybe tampanensis
  • Psilocybe zapotecorum
  • Psilocybe cyanescens
  • Copelandia cyanescens

What’s more, their efficacy is determined by different aspects, these include;


  • Origin
  • Growing conditions
  • Harvest period
  • Whether  they are fresh or dried

What should I know when buying psilocybin mushrooms spores?

There are different strains of psilocybin mushrooms.

Penis envy

Penis envy derives its name from the shape of the human male organ, which it resembles. Many researchers believe it was engineered by Terence McKenna, a renowned and microbiologist. It draws the attention of many due to its potency and is famous for research and educational purposes.

 The mushroom has a thick stem with a round bulbous cap. The exciting bit about this unique mushroom is that it’s highly potent with high psilocybin, psilocin, biocytin content. This type of mushroom takes longer to mature, enhancing psilocybin levels. You can now buy penis envy mushrooms and spore syringes online in most stores.

Blue Meanie

Blue meanie is yet another psilocybin-rich mushroom. It thrives well in temperate climates, and you’ll find it in most parts globally. The Blue meanie is easy to grow and is beginner-friendly. Like penis envy, this strain is highly potent, which is evident when touched. When you pick the mushroom, it turns dark blue, indicating that it contains high psilocybin levels. The mushroom contains other components, including tryptamine and alkaloids.

Golden teacher

Golden teacher mushrooms are a strain of the psilocybe cubensis and feature golden yellowish caps and long stems. They are easy to grow and are common in most parts of the globe. These mushrooms do well in different climatic conditions and substrates. You can get the spores syringes in most online stores.

There’re different types of spore syringes.

You will get the syringes in standard or liquid culture spores. The standard syringe’s spores don’t germinate, and you can store them for a long duration. Similarly, the liquid cultured spores have the nutrients that create a conducive environment for growth. 

The nutrients enable the spores to enter the mycelial growth stage.

The liquid cultured spores contain distilled water, and the solution has carbohydrates, proteins, and grain extracts. Also, the syringes are bigger and allow enough room for germination.

Are there differences in their use? Of course! Liquid cultured syringes spores are excellent choices for mycologists seeking to germinate the spores. And this is because the storage medium contains various nutrients to promote mycelial germination and development. 

Similarly, regular spore syringes are best for long-term storage. They are also useful for research purposes since they won’t germinate, which can alter their structure.

Understanding the level of potency goes a long way

Each mushroom species has varying levels of active chemicals, making them different in terms of effectiveness. Some species contain high quantities of psilocybin, while others have low psilocybin content.

The reduction in moisture content during drying affects the psilocybin levels. Dried mushrooms often contain about ten times as much psilocybin as fresh mushrooms in terms of weight.

Therefore, when choosing to utilize or take psilocybin internally, it’s critical to understand the differences in psilocybin sources and dosage guidelines.

It’s best to buy spores from legitimate stores.

 You’ll come across many mushroom shops online. However, it’s advisable to scrutinize the store before making purchases. Mushroom spores are prone to contamination, and you don’t want to get sub-standard products. Therefore, ensure that the online store is accredited and licensed to dispense the products.

Also, if unsure of what to pick, seek information from the team to avoid mistakes. For instance, cultured spores germinate over time, which changes their legal status. And this makes it wise to understand all the aspects of the chosen spores before purchasing.

Storage mattes!

Magic mushroom spores last for years. The syringes are sealed to avoid contamination and carefully packaged in a sterile syringe. They undergo different quality checks but the kind of storage mattes. After all, you don’t want to contaminate the spores once they have been delivered. 

The most appropriate way to store your spore syringes is in the refrigerator. These can last for up to 30 days and sometimes longer. Remember to study them as soon as you receive them.

Always choose spores to match your skills.

As mentioned earlier, you can buy spores for different purposes. This can be for educational use or germination. It can be difficult to choose the best spore syringes with the various strains available. Nonetheless, it’s wise to understand your needs and pick spores to match your skills. 

For instance, different strains require varying nutrient levels and growth conditions. Understand all the requirements, and choose the most suitable spore syringes to match your skill level. You’ll get cultured and regular spore syringes; some are good for mycologists, while others are ideal for germination. Understanding this avoids mistakes and saves a lot of time and money.

Final thoughts

With the many spore syringe outlets online, it’s easy to access the best spores for your needs. However, understanding the strains, types of spores and potency goes a long way. So, know your needs, store them properly and seek more information from leading mushroom spore sites online.


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